Zara CEO Email Address

Company NameZara

Samantha Mackintosh

Zara CEO Email Address

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Headquarters address (UK)

65, Duke of York Square, King’s Rd, London SW34LY, United Kingdom

CEO TwitterDoesn’t have one
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Zara’s current CEO is Samantha Mackintosh, you can contact him by sending an email to You can alternatively connect to his via Linkedin using the link above.

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  1. hi order no 53528912924 YODEL delivered my parcel last night @20.50 . i was at home at this time they did not knock the door or ring the bell , my storm doors were open but they did not even come down my path . The driver left my parcel at the end of the garden behind the wall in the pouring rain . i received a text saying parcel had been delivered however could not find it . there was no message advising where it had been placed . i found the parcel this morning totally socking wet box distroyed and jacket laying in a sodden mess . i have a picture how not very tec and dont know how to add it to this . i have also sent YODEL my feedback
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