Vodafone UK CEO Email Address

Company NameVodafone UK

Ahmed Essam

ahmed essam ceo email

CEO Email Addressahmed.essam@vodafone.com (click to email)
Headquarters address (UK)The Connection, Newbury RG14 2FN, United Kingdom
CEO Linkedinwww.linkedin.com/in/ahmedessamshelbaya
CEO Twittertwitter.com/ahmedshelbaya
Complaints Email AddressODR@help.vodafone.co.uk
Other Notes:Ahmed Essam is the director of the UK’s branch and is available on both Twitter and Linkedin.


vodafone ceo email

Vodafones’ head office in the UK is located in Newbury RG14 2FNtheir current CEO is Ahmed Essam, you can contact him by sending an email to ahmed.essam@vodafone.com. If you want to connect to him via social media, you can find his LinkedIn and Twitter profiles in the table above.

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