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Company NameJohn Lewis & Partners – John Lewis Partnership

Sharon White

sharon white email address

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Headquarters address (UK)

Carlisle Place, London, England SW1P 1BX, GB

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john lewis ceo email

John Lewis Partnerships’ current CEO is Sharon White, you can contact her by sending an email to You can alternatively connect to her via Linkedin using the link above.

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  1. Dear Miss White, About three weeks ago I ordered from John Lewis at the Trafford Centre, Manchester, a Hewlett Packard laptop : Envy x 360- 15 ey 0000 na Ryzen 5 Processor. The order number was 396 22 285. I was given a delivery date but no precise time for the delivery. I waited in all day, and through the evening, but the laptop failed to arrive. When I phoned on the following day I was told thst the order had been cancelled.

    The gentleman I spoke with was evasive in his replies to my questions, finally telling me that he was not free to discuss the matter.

    I subsequently spent several hours online attempting to penetrate the arcane procedures, seemingly designed to deter customers, before finding someone willing to engage with me.

    Following a search, this helpful person informed me that I was regarded by John Lewis as a security risk, but was unable to discover the reason for this.

    If my ome was stripped of all the items that this security risk has purchased from John Lewis, it would be reduced to a soulless echo chamber. I would not possess the Dell laptop om which I’m typing this document, nor would I have possessed its predecessor .

    Unlike my friends who are bemused by the absurdity of this situation, I am profoundly puzzled and it.

    An incident which occurred several years ago, but which did not involve John Lewis , might have some bearing on my predicament .

    When checking a bank statement I noticed several irregularities which caused me to contact the bank. It transpired that someone had gained access to my account and used it to finance a hotel visit, to purchase shoes and an assortment of sports equipment.

    My bank was generously understanding and swiftly refunded the stolen money. Though there was no evidence that the villain visited a branch of John Lewis to attempt further fraud, this might have happened, giving rise to this current problem.
    Please could you appoint a forensic minded member of staff to investigate the mystery which prevents me from buying online from John Lewis, and will you inform me of the outcome. I should also welcome confirmation that my name has been expunged from your list f perceived security risks.

    Yours sincerly,

    William Winstanley


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