Evri CEO Email Address

Company NameEvri (Hermes)

Martijn Delange

martijn delange email address

CEO Email Addressmartijn.delange@evri.com
Headquarters addressCapitol House, 1 Capitol Close, Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS27 0WH, GB
CEO Linkedinwww.linkedin.com/in/martijn-de-lange
CEO TwitterDoesn’t have a Twitter profile
Complaints Email AddressDoesn’t have one
Other Notes:Recently rebranded from Hermes to Evri, even though the services remain the same

evri ceo email

Evri’s head office is located at Evri, Capitol House, 1 Capitol Close, Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS27 0WH, GBWest Yorkshire LS27 0WH, their CEO is martijn.delange@evri.com. If you want to connect to them via social media, you can find their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles in the table above.

14 thoughts on “Evri CEO Email Address”

  1. Absolutely shocking service.
    H0********60 sat in one of your depots from the 1st Dec 2022 and this C0********5 sat in one of your depots since 8th dec 2022.

    • Hi, I paid for a parcel to be collected on the 30th March from,20 Castleton Road, SE9 4DA mottingham, a courier came who did not collect it, said that his car is a small car, that he will inform the office to come and collect it, up to now, I didn’t hear from Evri, no phone call, no email, tracking number C-OOHHA0348331463, INVOICE number 57114958, paid £6.85, infact I am very disappointed with Evri, is this how you treat your customers, waiting to hear from you, bear in mind that if the seller refused to accept the goods, I will hold you responsible

  2. T0*******59

    Please check this tracking number, it is quite impressive and still Evri do not acknowledge any issue…. or at least the automated bot doesn’t think there is an issue.

  3. Absolutely shocking service.
    Even CEO manager stopped responding to complaints and to the work of the service itself. Complete mess

  4. Your pathetic and a bad joke and no doubt your circus was chosen as it’s probably the cheapest like it’s service.

  5. CEO of Evri ! Please help your customers by giving them the money they deserve from lost parcels and stressing their customers out about how they are going to get back to them. Well it’s been 6 month now for me and I’m still waiting. How’s your bank balance mr CEO ? Dame site better than your customers

  6. If matters do not improve, I think we have to petition Companies House to close the company down. Our MPs need to be doing something about this too.

  7. Worse courier service in the world I have been messed about many many times by my local evri courier service and I have emailed ceo of evri many times and now once again I am getting messed about by them .they are not delivering my parcel keep making excuses why it hasn’t been delivered yet I try to avoid evri courier service but sometimes when I order online I don’t know who the courier service is until I get tracking number and when I do get tracking number my order has already been dispatched so I can’t cancel my order.

  8. this is the second time this has happened to me didnt even bring parcel and said i had refused it think they changed there name to evri because evri parcel i dont get what a rubbish service

  9. This company are nothing more than thieves and that is against the law.
    I have contacted watchdog , and also dispatches on channel 4 to look into the way this company is run , I have even had a response so hopefully they will be named and shamed publicly and then they might stand up and take notice

  10. How can 6 parcels over a year go ‘missing’. Appalling service, pure complacency at depots, customer service non existent, tracking numbers mean nothing, even the CEO can’t reply to emails, bet he’s not sitting around waiting for deliveries. Lying delivery drivers who say they couldn’t leave parcels as nowhere to leave, 4 stables, garage, greenhouse, boiler room, obviously not enough, however as they never come through gate, just throw parcels over into garden, they wouldn’t be aware of the safe places to leave parcels.It must be costing companies a fortune in lost revenue for ‘lost orders’ POOR POOR POOR!!!!!

  11. Martijn De Lange’s email address is no longer working. Unsurprisingly. I just tried to email him about a request to pay for an Evri parcel redelivery because the courier – Gerarado Fuller – couldn’t find the porch ON THE FRONT OF MY HOUSE! I’m not paying so we’ll see what happens.


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