EON CEO Email Address

Company NameEON UK Plc

Leonhard Birnbaum

Leonhard Birnbaum ceo email

CEO Email Addressleonhard.birnbaum@eon.com (click to email)
Headquarters address (UK)E.ON UK plc 13 Westwood Way Westwood Business Park Coventry West Midlands CV4 8LG
CEO Linkedinwww.linkedin.com/in/leo-birnbaum
CEO TwitterDoesn’t have a Twitter profile
Complaints Email Addressunhappy@eonnext.com
Other Notes:Most of the emails receive a reply within 1 working week

eon ceo email

EONs’ head office in the UK is located in West Midlands CV4 8LG, their current CEO is Leonhard Birnbaum, you can contact him by sending an email to leonhard.birnbaum@eon.com. If you want to connect to him via social media, you can find his LinkedIn and Twitter profiles in the table above.

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  1. I have been corresponding with both Noel and Jordan from E-on about our gas account since last year. A lovely Asian gentleman came last year about he had been advised, our electricity account. There has never been a problem with the electric account, it is perfectly ok!
    When he checked in our container from which the readings are taken he said the problem would need fixing by another engineer as he was not qualified to deal with gas problems.
    I have advised Jordan and Noel of this fact but the refuse to send out another engineer. Saying it can be fixed remotely, IT CANNOT!
    If this is not sorted out quickly I/we will be contacting another supplier! Marie Lord.


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