British Gas CEO Email Address

Company NameBritish Gas – Part of Centrica Plc

Jana Siber

jana siber ceo email

CEO Email
Headquarters addressStaines, Middlesex, TW18 3BY, GB
CEO TwitterDoesn’t have a Twitter profile
Complaints Email
Other Notes:Jana Siber was appointed as the CEO of British Gas in early 2022

british gas ceo email

British Gas’ head office is located at Staines, Middlesex, TW18 3BY, their current CEO is Jana Siber, you can contact her by sending an email to If you want to connect to them via social media, you can find their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles in the table above.

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  1. How do I complain about being messed around all I want is communication I have paid for an EV charging point and no one is giving me any help it has been 2 weeks of being transferred from new and old systems and I have taken so much time off work to sort this is not fair

  2. Unfortunately you are talking to a very unhappy customer two bits of details first one I over 70 years old to I’m totally dyslexic I have to use a voice recognition system I find life hard enough without all this messing about my account number is 1570 5731 I have left British Gas after a number of years always pay my bills I have left because you changed your system payment and I couldn’t pay the way you wanted me to so I moved however I owe you £106.64 p I have been talking to customer service I waste the time talking to live chat a waste of time first of all they told me to a using my account number it doesn’t work then they told me because I’ve moved my accounts closed would take a genius to work that out then they said pay by bank transfer how the hell do I do that I live in the middle of nowhere no transport thing no post office your just having a laugh this bill has to be paid according to you by the 13th of this month if you do not get back to me soon I will have no option to take this problem to the ombudsman is all I want to do is pay a person but I can’t not difficult telephone me on (01934) 863383 my name is Mr tabrett 8 Hannah more close Wrington I’m willing to pay I’m sat here waiting to your the problem is with you not me I’m sure the ombudsman will see this my way thank you very much

  3. How does someone get the help needed we had a plumber come out on Thursday and couldn’t find the problem he said that the only thing he could see was an opening on my roof. I did email your CEO and a lady phoned me and said that it all had been sorted. Then we get an email saying that they was coming out on the 2/12/23 but then got another email asking for as to send pictures and this was 20-48 at night so we are in our seventies and sorry to old for ladder. So sat in all day but did the roofers turn up no so we still don’t have the problem fixed I pay for this every month so what is the reason to be left high and dry.

  4. I have wasted a whole day trying to confirm an appointment for today, 16.30 no one here please look at ref no 764316084676642919 chat,I cannot believe the way this has gone and so disappointment with the service you have given me, I will be copying in Chris O’shea and 3 counties jvs consumer show to see if i could highlight this terrible service especally after friday my electrician is of til after christmas and i am without electric because of you, I am so disappointed really


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