British Airways CEO Email Address

Company NameBritish Airways, BA,

Sean Doyle

sean doyle ceo email

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Headquarters address (UK)Waterside, Po Box 365, Harmondsworth, UB7 0GB
CEO TwitterDoesn’t have a Twitter profile
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Other Notes:Sean Doyle was appointed as the director of BA in October 2022 and has remained the CEO since then.

british airways ceo email

BAs’ head office in the UK is located in Harmondsworth, UB7 0GB, their current CEO is Sean Doyle, you can contact him by sending an email to You can alternatively connect to him via Linkedin using the link above.

1 thought on “British Airways CEO Email Address”

  1. Dear Mr Doyle.
    On a positive note may I congratulate you on improving BA.
    My wife and I regularly fly to / rom Malaga on BA in Business Class.
    We both need assistance which in Malaga is excellent.
    At Heathrow it is appallingly bad to the extent that arriving on flight BA0413 on 2nd March both of us in our 70’s had to “trot” alongside an assistance buggy which was full of others needing assistance.
    This bad assistance happens on every journey and compares badly with Malaga.
    I am told that you don’t control the assistance but it reflects badly of you.
    Please help regular passengers like my wife and I out of this nightmare at the start and end of journeys at Heathrow.
    David Evans Exec Club number 22237375


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