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Company NameBoots UK

Sebastian James

sebastian james boots ceo

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1 Thane Road, Nottingham, NG90 1BS, GB

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boots ceo email

Boots UK’s head office in the UK is located at Thane Road, Nottingham, NG90 1BS, GB, their current CEO is Sebastian James, you can contact him by sending an email to You can alternatively connect to him via Linkedin using the link above.

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  1. i went into Tunbridge wells branch on 3 occasions ..first time i couldnt find anyone to serve me i asked a staff member where a product was they didnt know as that person started work at 10 30 had to ask a person if she could take my money as she was busy chatting to her colleagues and PUTTING ON HER MAKE Up…then another time had to ask to pay for something again chatting to work colleagues about holidays!!! and she was putting on her FOUNDATION and EYESHADOW,!!!! TODAY i went to the prescription counter after queing for 10 minuets i asked could take my money as she had a till in front of her only to be told NOT REALLY !!!!! yet there were tills on the floor with nobody there i worked in retail for 25 years and you were on the floor by 9 oclock hair done and MAKEUP ON!!!!! i have been using boots Tunbridge wells shop for over 50 years but these last 3 occasions have been so appalling i will try not to be going there again !!!!!!


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